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Goods to Person from SSI Schaefer

SSI introduced our Goods-to-Person Solution to North America in 2004.

Since then we have completed hundreds of high-speed G.T.P. stations and applied every advancement to make them even more efficient and ergonomic.

No matter your industry you want three things from your workstation: efficiency, interface and ergonomics.

Schaefer can meet all three criteria for you.

Our workstations are one of the most efficient on the market.  Backed by bleeding-edge software pickers get the product they need when they need it.

The software comes into play again with the user interface.  With Schaefer's workstation the picker is told exactly what to do clearly by the system. It leaves no room for hesitation or mistakes.

And lastly ergonomics.  Everything about the workstation is built to enhance comfort which in turn effects throughput.  The station can accommodate any body style with adjustable heights and other ergonomic touches that reflect the time and effort we have invested in our Goods-to-Person workstations.

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